EXTRA MUROS EXHIBITION Hanne Lydia Opøien Figenschou

Nasjional Museet Oslo
October 10, 2023
Hanne Lydia Opøien Figenschou at the National Museum in Oslo, Norway
©Nattional Museum NO/Ina wesenberg

Hanne Lydia Opøien Figenschou

Using media such as drawing, text and video, Hanne Lydia Opøien Figenschou (b. 1964) explores themes relating to gender and identity, violence in close relationships, the self-portrait, abortion, and the relationship between the public and private spheres.

The exhibition “My Life! My Choice?” presents Figenschou’s drawing series 'Falling Heroes'. This work features a variety of images collected from historical art, current news stories, social media, spam emails and urban advertising. Interested in the ways we exist at the mercy of the society we live in, Figenschou has created a work that confronts sources of influence and leadership figures.