Emmy Asakura is an emerging  Belgian artist living and working nearby Brussels. Being of mixed Japanese/Belgian descent, she constantly oscillates between the East and the West, which creates a tension that is evident in her strongly auto-biographical production.  Emmy Asakura makes paintings and installations, which are expressions of her restless and explorative mind.  Her art floats between the figurative and the abstract and flirts with the spiritual and the intuitive. 

Her recent works explore the sensuality and spirituality of womanhood. Intrigued by the figure of the Virgin Mary, she interrogates the dual aspects united in this universal figure: the holy mother and the seductress. Many of her works are also characterized by fragments of personal images or inspired by experiences in the different countries where she has lived. 

Emmy Asakura's method is a process of continuous construction and deconstruction of paint layers and other materials, such as washi paper or fabrics.  Her abundant use of color refers and the many strong contrasts in her work relate to the Japanese concept of "wabi-sabi", where beauty springs from joining perfection with imperfection, and in which the effect of weathering brings spiritual strength to the whole.