In his recent work Spanish artist Juanan Soria examined in depth the idea of a society that loses his own culture by crudeness. A society that sees how his own art history and his idols are devastated abruptly. The artist reflected on a situation where the only things you can find are rests, surmises and indeterminate interpretations about what yesterday was and now not anymore. This  former project titled ‘Destroy to build’ starts from those points to ‘reconstruct’ different artistic works who were damaged during wars. The project itself used destruction as a method to build. 


Recently, Juanan Soria got fascinated by archaeology in Spain and focuses on the topic of Iberian artefacts of the Protohistory period. The archaeological methodology and his own artistic practice as a painter inspired him to do research on the signification of 'layers' in the broadest sense of the word. By establishing an interesting dialogue between material culture, painting and digital imaging, Juanan Soria creates multi-layered artworks that reveal a multitude of interpretations. 


Juanan Soria (b 1985, Ubeda, Spain) grew up in Andalusia, obtained a BFA in Sevilla and a MA in Valencia, completed several residencies and currently lives and works in Ghent. Juanan Soria is a versatile artist. Beside drawing, he paints and creates installations and video work. He received many awards including the third Prize of the Art Contest 2021.