Pascale Lorge

Pascale Lorge is a versatile artist. In line with her Bauhaus education, she uses oil painting, drawing, engraving and stencil techniques, photography and collages. Her creative process is activated by the curiosity about the materials she uses and her emotional states.  As a figurative painter, her research fields are landscapes, human figures, a mixture of it, and to a lesser extent, architecture and sometimes animals. Recently, she starts focusing in her visual work on nature by using natural materials as plants and flowers to create monotypes and "Assemblages". This is a result of her daily walks in the fields and woods in her surrounding, or her travels abroad.  Back in her studio, she uses her gatherings to create works that can bring us all back to the enchantment she experienced during these moments, surrounded by nature. One of her goals is also to put the spectator in a meditative state of mind – meaning, just to be in the moment, neither with longings or mental activity, nor with judgement or denial, according to the Zen Buddhist Philosophy.


Pascale Lorge (°1965, Cologne) is a Belgian artist who lives and works in Brussels. She completed her Master in Painting in La Cambre, Brussels. She has taken part in numerous group exhibitions in Belgium and abroad. She is also the director of Studio Art en Ciel Brussels.