Peter Depelchin: The Great God Pan

11 November - 19 December 2020

Husk Gallery is delighted to present a first solo show with Peter Depelchin in the gallery. The Belgian artist is known for his delicate drawings, his controversial installations and his allegoric cross-cultural universe.

The Great God Pan” embodies Peter’s artistic playground to perfection and witnesses both of his delightful reinterpreting of art-historical content and his masterly skillfulness. The exhibition manifests itself as a conceptual narrative, thus echoing Depelchin’s passion for literature. Pushing the spectator to become a reader, Depelchin offers keys and motives to unveil layers of iconographic and contemporary meaning. Embodying Depelchin’s broad art-historical interest and his metaphysical tendencies, this exhibition is a feast for the eye of the contemporary art passionate. 


Due to the Belgian confinement, the Opening Weekend on  11-12-13-14-15 November 2020  is cancelled. The upcoming exhibition with Peter Depelchin is postponed. The gallery is closed until further notice. We will keep you updated.