Ingrid Van Hecke, Els Wuyts, Sofie Crabbé, Gwennaëlle Gribaumont,Marc Ruyters, 2021

Publisher: Husk Gallery

ISBN: 9789082862423

Dimensions: 21x29,7cm

Pages: 80

Husk Gallery is delighted to announce its upcoming  gallery publication in December 2021.


The first monograph of Belgian artist Peter Depelchin (b. 1985, Ostend, Belgium) is a theatre scene staging his characteristic universal artistic language. Reflecting the artist's mastery of a variety of media, including printmaking, video, and sculpture, this book mainly focuses on drawing, the core of Depelchin's artistic practice. Signature pieces meticulously drawn in ink on silk papers and large allegorical pencil drawings, fruit of a more instinctive approach, feature side by side in this anthology of Depelchin's work between 2014 and 2021.


In addition to Peter Depelchin's catalogue of artworks, this publication includes texts written by Els Wuyts, Sofie Crabbé, Gwennaëlle Gribaumont, and Marc Ruyters, who give further insight into the origins of the artist's work. The authors propose an interpretative framework situating Depelchin's drawings within the artistic traditions that have nourished him. This publication is edited by Ingrid Van Hecke, art historian and director of Husk Gallery, a contemporary Brussels-based art gallery that promotes highly talented artists.