Emmy Asakura. The Subcutaneous Desire
Texts by Ingrid Van Hecke, 2018
Publisher: Husk Gallery
ISBN: 9789082862409
Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm

Husk Gallery's first artist's monograph is dedicated to the work of Emmy Asakura (°1962), a Belgian artist with mixed genes from Japan and Flanders. In her paintings and installations she mainly gives form to feminine topics along with her own personal experiences. Asakura's art is an intriguing blend of the figurative and the abstract, a fusion of the known world and invisible forces and desires.
Her body of work is highlighted in this publication that includes texts by Ingrid Van Hecke introducing the reader to Emmy Asakura's idiom. The author uncovers and explores five recurring themes in the artist's work: her experiences abroad, the figure of the Virgin Mary, the erotic Shunga genre, her world of personal secrets and picturing the self. An interview with Emmy Asakura gives further insight to into the artist's mind.